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Winning visibility and trust for Innovation Leaders with a purpose
Trust is vital to drive innovation, collaboration, and change. It has real business value. Leaders are trusted for their ability but also for their purpose and and vision. 
I help innovation experts define a focused and authentic personal brand to accelerate trust, collaboration, and relationships – even virtually.
The faster you are trusted, the sooner you can achieve your vision for the future.  
Laura Fleming Schulte
Founder, Project Renaissance 


Position your expertise. 
Address the new challenges of virtual leadership



LOGIC: Customer-centric strategic differentiation reduces friction in the pipeline


EMOTION: A strong “Why Us” story shortcuts complexity  with trust   

LOGIC + EMOTION: A network built on both fuels direct connections cost-effectively

“Grow your value with trust”


Get in touch to find out how you can reach success faster with a Head & Heart roadmap



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Owner: Laura Fleming Schulte

Laura Fleming Schulte Consulting

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Strategy Workshop + Sweet Spot Market Map for clear differentiation

  • Cut the guesswork and boost ROI

  • Gain a clear view of your value against your competitors

  • Target qualified prospects with exactly the right offer for their needs


Inspiring "Why Us” story + Key Innovation Topics to win trust in your expertise fast

  • Expand awareness cost-effectively with logic and emotion

  • Educate prospects faster with a scalable personal touch

  • Empower your sales team with digital tools that build relationships

Step-by-step plan to scale your network quickly through LinkedIn and SEO content

  • Connect directly and personally with leads that convert

  • Win trust and credibility for your expertise in a scalable format

  • Attract prospects cost-effectively


My dual strategy makes it absolutely clear to your ideal  customer that your innovation is their best choice.  

Laura Fleming Schulte

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“IMHO, we did the biggest leap with regards to positioning in years!"

robotics scale up

“[Our story] speaks the right language for decision making audience.”

Automation Software Provider


“An expert in strategy, innovation and the digital world with a strong background in start-ups”

Regional Director,
 B2B Sales & Marketing


"Laura clarified our best values to win against competitors and boosted conversions with delicious reasons why we’re better."

Food & Travel Platform

Your customized Go-To-Market tools drive recognition, traction and revenue: