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Laura Fleming Schulte

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"Even the C-suite buys innovative solutions faster from people with inspiring stories."

I am inspired by Renaissance Florence, one of Modern Europe's first Innovation Ecosystems. During this era the Laws of Perspective were rediscovered by engineer Filippo Brunelleschi. Perspective is vital to innovation, as it allows us to see untapped value and new markets. 

My unique perspective enables me to scale growth cost-effectively with logic and emotion. My strategic innovation Go-To-Market services are adapted from startup methods for B2B tech-driven companies.  

-  Experienced startup-to-IPO executive

-  Award-winning business editor

-  B2B content strategist 

Think of me as an executive-level mystery shopper. I provide perspective on how your offer appeals to customers, and build stories that gain trust.

What my clients say:

"IMHO, we did the biggest leap with regards to positioning in years!"


"[Our story] speaks the right language for decision making audience."


"Laura clarified our best values to win against competitors and boosted conversions with delicious reasons why we’re better."


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My Speaking Topics

Perspective, Innovation & Disruption:

 How giving voice to diversity drives value creation in the Innovation Ecosystem of Renaissance Florence – and in our businesses today

Transform? Yes, but where to start?

3 Intrepreneurial tools that provide start-up style perspective so you can map threats, calculate urgency, and set a focus to lead change

How to think beyond your own bubble to scale:

6 Short Cuts from Europe's history of innovation and diversity for scaling today's disruptive technologies 

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